The article in the Sunday paper by Dale Miller was very appropriate. Saturday I had to do some shopping at a pharmacy, grocery store and two other stores. Although my comments are based only on observations, but what I saw was very discouraging.

ope体育I observed a significant number of individuals not wearing masks or practicing social distancing. This makes me wonder if there is a communication problem of not impressing upon everyone the seriousness of the problems we have in Grand Island. We must understand that this virus is highly contagious and deadly.

To those individuals who chose to not follow proper procedures, please be aware that your inactions can harm you, others in your family, your neighbors, your fellow workers and others in our community.

It is not an honor for Grand Island to have the high rating in regard to this disease. It will take a lot more cooperation from everybody to stop the spread of this virus.

For your information, my wife and I do wear masks when we are out and do follow the social distance procedures.

ope体育One last comment. There is a grocery store in Lexington that has a sign in front that says, “No mask, no entry.” Not a bad idea.

Karl Kostbahn

4159 Rolling Green Drive

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