ope体育How often have you said the phrase, “It’s nice to see you,” and not really thought about whether you meant it or not?

ope体育At the age of 75, and of course staying at home and staying at home, and staying at home, I am now pretty excited to just “see” my family, especially my daughter. Even if we can’t get close enough to touch or hug, I can see them. Because of my COPD, no one, including me, wants to risk me getting the virus.

ope体育My daughter who lives in town is amazing. She brings me things and leaves them on my patio. We are able to visit for a few minutes, through the window as she sits in the chair on my patio. When she leaves, I smile as I bring in whatever it is she brought.

ope体育Seniors who have lived alone for awhile are maybe the luckiest because we are already accustomed to being alone. It’s not much of an adjustment. The difference is we are not used to going for days or weeks without seeing or touching or hugging our family or friends.

Now, I might give her an enthusiastic, “Oh, it’s so nice to see you”, twice in one short visit. Sometimes she makes it more special and brings one of my near adult grandchildren.

Go let someone “see” you today!

Carol Farris

112 Lakeview Circle #5

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