ope体育Some of the comments in the Hastings Tribune and The Independent regarding the “herd” mentality certainly reveal the sneer of “if you are not scared of the coronavirus 19, then you must have lost your marbles.”

ope体育A number of letter writers, local health departments, assorted PHDs, etc., are the recent panic flag waving leaders of this subject’s mentality.

If you take care of your health (exercise, drink plenty of healthy water, healthy diet, good food supplements, timely rest), you have the recipe for not only telling coronavirus 19 to take a hike; but also cancer, arthritis, dementia, Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS), Parkinson’s, obesity, diabetes, etc., will not be your enemy.

ope体育If there is no “approved drug” available, our army of so-called health providers are silent except for: wear a mask, stay at home, avoid the golf courses and fitness gyms.

If you don’t want to take personal responsibility for your own health, then stay home and leave your wise leaders (Senators Halloran and Erdman) alone. All those two brave souls are doing is to inject some common sense into the drama (panic) the media has been shoving upon the American public.

ope体育Obviously, this subject’s panic squad does not have a business to run where goods and services are offered for everyone else’s benefit and a payroll to make. That is what our country and the risk-taking capitalists are doing to make our great country thrive. Once you have ran all the business over the cliff, it is pretty tough to rescue the same.

I agree that if a person believes they are vulnerable to the damage this virus can inflict, then hide behind your own door. Just don’t be telling me and the rest of our God loving and hard working Americans to stay at home. Let’s fill our churches again, resume socializing, go to the gym & golf course, support our youth and their seasonal activities, go working, and of course “Make America great again!”

Marvin “Butch” Hughes


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