ope体育Please take note, Gov. Ricketts and Mayor Steele, it is an opinion of mine and maybe others in the community that the JBS plant must be closed for a life-and-death situation. I visited with a young man who worked there — 6 feet apart, I might add. He told me he has insurance to cover his loss of wages if the plant should close. Whether that’s private insurance or a JBS benefit, I didn’t ask.

Wednesday morning’s paper stated that within a two-week span, 227 more cases were linked to JBS. How long before half of the 3,600 workforce is wiped out, with even more through community spread? I know plants in other states have closed from smaller communities than ours. I fear a meat shortage, but that’s nothing compared to the Great Depression of the 1930s where there was no food, no food stamps, no unemployment checks, no stimulus checks and no rain to grow your food. Out of that came the “Greatest Generation.”

Do we need that again to get the country on the right track again? No, that will never happen because of all the government handouts, and I’m just part of it with my Social Security check and my stimulus check.

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