Most of us have lost count of the days we've been in quarantine, in pajamas and forgetting when we last went outdoors.

ABC News reporter Will Reeve might relate, except he seems to have forgotten something slightly more important: pants.

Will Reeve

ope体育Will Reeve appears on "Good Morning America" wearing no pants.

ope体育Reeve appeared Tuesday on "Good Morning America" for a about pharmacies using drones to deliver prescriptions to patients.

But at one point, Reeve, who acts as his own cameraman as he broadcasts from home, was positioned so it was quite clear he was dressed in a suit jacket — but no pants.

ope体育Viewers quickly took to Twitter to

"I have ARRIVED," Reeve back. "In the most hilariously mortifying way possible."

In response to a tweet asking him to put on some pants, Reeve everyone he'd been wearing shorts.

The reporter also that he won't be getting hired as a camera operator "any time soon."

Reeve is the son of the late actor Christopher Reeve, who starred as Superman in several movies.


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