As the pandemic rages on, Hornady Manufacturing is taking a number of steps to benefit its employees, local restaurants, health care workers and first responders.

The company is providing gift cards for local restaurants to current Hornady employees and local “front-line workers” as part of a program it calls “Have a Meal on Us.”

ope体育That program is now in its third week.

For the first two weeks, each gift card was worth $10. “In an effort to provide a more immediate financial impact to local restaurants, we increased the gift cards to $15 each starting this week,” Hornady Human Resources Director Angela Simdorn wrote in an email.

One thousand cards are distributed each week. So for Hornady, the cost of the project was $10,000 each of the first two weeks. This week and next, Hornady is picking up a tab of $15,000 each week.

Front-line workers who receive the cards include local law enforcement and firefighters, EMTs, hospital and medical personnel, the Nebraska National Guard and employees of the Central District Health Department.

ope体育“Both the restaurants and front-line heroes who have benefited from this program thus far have been extremely appreciative!” Simdorn wrote.

ope体育A major goal of the program is to thank Hornady employees “for being flexible with their work schedules, adapting to the many safety measures and changes that have been implemented, and sticking with us as we continue to provide product and keep our workforce actively working during this COVID-19 pandemic,” says a Hornady news release.

Hornady put together a list of locally owned restaurants with assistance from the Grand Island Community Foundation. This week, the company is distributing gift cards for eight different restaurants.

ope体育“We will likely purchase more than once from several restaurants on the list,” Simdorn wrote.

Those restaurants, some of which have been struggling, undoubtedly find the gifts from Hornady to be on the mark.

The project helps local restaurants and their employees “continue to work and prosper,” the news release says.

The gift card program may continue after the fourth week. “We will then see how the community is operating at that point and possibly do more,” the release says.

Supporting the front line

A couple of Hornady engineers, Josh Schmitt and Matt Mack, have done projects for the benefit of patients and health care workers.

ope体育Using a 3-D printer, they produced 100 copies of a part that’s needed in ventilator systems. Some of those have gone to CHI Health St. Francis. The rest will be distributed to other CHI facilities.

Mack said he didn’t have to put much effort into it. He used a SolidWorks software program to sketch what was needed. After he made a sample piece, he got confirmation from CHI St. Francis that it would work.

Then Mack “just hit print on the printer and it printed 50 of them overnight,” he said.

ope体育The important service is provided by health care workers.

”They’re doing the heavy lifting,” Mack said. He did some work. “But it pales in comparison to what they’re doing.”

ope体育Mack did most of the work on the ventilator system piece.

ope体育Schmitt is producing headgear for a plastic face shield. The company is creating a batch of those each week.

The ventilator piece and headgear are both produced on a Stratasys 3-D printer at Hornady. They’re crafted out of ABS plastic, which is a thermoplastic and polymer.

ope体育The shields themselves are made by a Minnesota company. A man in Sweden came up with the design for the shield. He put the design online so that others with access to 3-D printers could make them worldwide.

ope体育In addition to the projects mentioned above, Hornady donated 1,000 surgical masks to Grand Island Physical Therapy.


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